Three Types Of Livestock That Can Be Raised By Beginner Farmers

When people move from the city life to live in the country side they get interested in raising livestock. The reasons may vary as to why people want to raise livestock, some people raise them as pets and some raise them because they want to make some money by selling the livestock produce.What ever reason may be, raising livestock can be done by almost anyone who is dedicated to being a livestock farmer and someone who is willing to put aside a lot of his time in managing and taking care of their livestock. In order to raise healthy livestock you have to give the animals proper care such as feeding them nutritious food plus clean water on daily bases, building them some good shelter and have them checked by a veterinarian for health issues.There are various types of livestock you may want to raise as a beginner livestock farmer. Some of them need more care than others and maybe suitable for new farmers to raise. Three types of livestock that are suitable for beginner livestock farmers are goats, cattle and sheep. Below are more details on how you can go about raising them.Raising Cattle:A lot of farmers start by raising cattle in their farm ranch. Cattle are a stress free livestock to raise when taking good care of. Their produce such as milk and meat is in high demand in the markets for its nutritious benefits. When you own cattle you will be able provide your family with fresh milk on daily bases and save lots of money in buying milk.

When starting out in raising cattle you have to first choose the kind of breed you want to raise. There are over 800 types of breeds which are in 3 different categories known as the zebus, the hybrids and taurine cattle. Some types of breeds are good for the production of milk whilst others are suitable for meat production.When raising different types of cattle a farmer should install stalls that separate those that eat grass and hay to those that eat sophisticated feeds.Since cattle are grazing animals you have to have some large piece of land if you want to raise them. The land in which they graze on has to be well fenced so secure the livestock. For the fence you can either use electrical wiring or use a wood and steel fence. You should also prepare some equipment needed to raise cattle such as pails, water containers and feeding beds.Although cattle don’t require some sort of roofed shelter that doesn’t mean you can’t build one. A roofed shelter will also help you in storing your livestock equipment and can be used to milk your cows.Raising Goats:Goats are another type of livestock that can be raised by a beginner farmer and they are less prone to diseases than cattle. They can also be raised for the production of milk and meat which high in demand and cost more than cattle produce.When starting out raising goats you have to first make up your mind on what type of goat breed you want to raise. The type of breed depends on the end product you want to produce from your goats, you can either raise goats for the production of fiber, tasty meat and milk that is high in nutrients.Once you have made up your mind on the type of goat you want to raise you have to decide on the number of goats you are planning on raising. Knowing the number of goats you are planning on raising will help you estimate how large your land should be. One thing to note is that goats reproduce almost every year so the land should be large enough to accommodate the growth of your herd.Goats also need some shelter to rest at the end of the day. The shelter should be large enough for all your livestock to fit in properly without being over crowded. The shelter should be comfortable so that they can sleep at night and protect them from harsh weather such as too much sunlight, rain and snow. Don’t forget to fence the entire grazing land so that predators don’t attack and kill your herd.Raising Sheep:Raising sheep is very interesting and rewarding as raising cattle and goats. These type of livestock can be raised for various reasons such as producing quality wool, producing cheese from its prolific milk and the obvious tender meat. These produce can also be sold since they are in high demand.Sheep are animals that like grazing the field. If you want to raise healthy sheep then you have to have some large land of green grass for the livestock to graze on. Although feeding your sheep grain supplements plays a big part in their diet, grass fed sheep produce a higher nutritional value produce. Since sheep like grazing in a large group as a livestock farmer it can be daunting to manage them on the field so it would be wise to have a helper dog to assist you.

An essential part of raising sheep is keeping them within their confines, this helps them in not getting lost in the wild and end of being eaten by wild animals such as bobcats, bears and wild dogs. At the same time it helps in keeping these predators out of the grazing area. Using an electrified fence can help a lot and its easy to install as well.In order to ward off natural elements that can be harmful to your livestock you have to invest some money in building good housing for your sheep. When designing the house make sure you build a chute to manage the sheep when you need to make some checkups on each and everyone of them or when vaccinating them.As you see raising livestock can be done by almost anyone even if you don’t have any past experience or were not raised in a farm ranch. Just like any other type of pet they need to be taken care for and make sure they leave in comfortable conditions.When starting out its best to first start with raising one type of livestock then move on to another type when you have gotten the experience from your first set of livestock.

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